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CITYCOT University was established in 2016 by Somali intellectuals with the main objective to serve the educational needs of the community. It is a private and non-profit higher education institution with the purpose to deliver high quality education, providing students with an outstanding education that equips them with the skills, experience, and confidence required to achieve their full potential for jobs.

The University is a very fast growing academic institution that has achieved a remarkable growth within the shortest time of its existence serving the educational needs of the community in Bosaso, Puntland, Somalia, hence making it popular for its exceptional quality training that is exemplified amongst her trainees wherever they are absorbed both in the job market and in other academic institutions as a platform for linking innovative entrepreneurs to ICT corporates and healthcare professionals.

The University offers a wide range of courses, from Certificate, Diploma and degree reflecting the institution’s responsiveness to the needs of the community against a background that has shown resilience in post-war country showing growth tremendously by curving a niche as a Computer Science hub, a Medical health training institution and an innovation Centre as a better option for students who choose to launch their careers and inspire to improve the community they live in.
Strategic plans are underway to provide and expand its buildings and academic programs to meet the diverse professional standards.