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Faculty of Health Sciences

We offer The following Diploma and Degree program which is suitable for High School graduates and who have met the required minimum grades in sciences, language and mathematics. Equally, the University has opened doors for businessmen and women who have been operating medical facilities (quarks) and have an idea in medics in effort to broaden their capacity.

Courses offered under this faculty are:
Clinical Officer :
The training ensures that the Clinician as an Officer will be empowered as part of the medical team in an MCH and may head a department.
Nursing and Midwifery :
Our course intends to advance the quality of life not just for academia purposes, but for the reproductive health, mental health, community nutrition, in charitable service or friendship, that makes a difference in any life.
The Course ensures a standardized career is set for pharmacists’ continuing education that remains relevant and current with the rapidly changing world of pharmaceuticals to avoid fatal consequences in a field where people buy drugs over the counter.
Public Health :
The Course focuses to train students to promote health and prevent diseases by knowledge and skills development, mitigation of competing interests and health advocacy in a country where the Health system is handicapped.