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Academic Collaboration Between CITYCOT University and Daffodil International University.

The Rector of CITYCOT University, Eng. Abdulhakim Husein Osman, visited Daffodil International University located in Bangladesh following an official invitation from Daffodil International University (DIU).

During his visit, Rector Osman engaged in meetings with senior officials at DIU, including Dr. Md. Lutfur Rahman (Vice Chancellor of DIU), Dr. Md. Fakhray Hossain (Head of International Relations), Rumman Khan (Academic Registrar), and other key administrative personnel.

The primary objective of this visit was to establish a robust collaboration between CITYCOT University and Daffodil International University. The discussions centered on developing and implementing postgraduate programs, which would allow CITYCOT University to offer DIU’s Master’s programs in Puntland State. This initiative builds on previous efforts by HIU University to expand higher education across Somalia. Furthermore, the two institutions agreed to work together to enhance the quality of education, with a particular focus on advancing research in computer science, a field of strategic importance to both universities.

In addition, Rector Osman’s agenda included initiatives to recruit experienced faculty and professors to bolster the academic staff at CITYCOT University. The three-day visit culminated in a successful agreement on all discussed matters, with a formal commencement of postgraduate programs at CITYCOT University, facilitated by DIU.

Rector Osman expressed his sincere gratitude to the administration of Daffodil International University for their gracious invitation and hospitality.