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Collaboration Agreement Between CITYCOT University and Somali International University

In Mogadishu, Somalia, CITYCOT University (CU) and Somali International University (SIU) signed a collaboration agreement to establish comprehensive cooperation between the two institutions.

The main points of agreement between the two universities include:

  • Joint Efforts in Educational Development: Collaborating to enhance the quality of education.
  • Collaboration in Research and New Initiatives: Working together on research and innovative projects.
  • Online Program Collaboration: Jointly developing and offering online programs.
  • Exchange Programs: Exchanging training programs for teachers, students, and educational staff between the two universities.

The signing ceremony, which holds significant importance for the advancement of education in the country, was attended by officials from both universities. The representatives present were:

From CITYCOT University (CU):

  • Eng. Abdihakim Hussein Osman – President of CITYCOT University
  • Mr. Abdiasis Ibrahim Xaaji Yusuf – Head of the Office of Cooperation and International Relations at CITYCOT University

From Somali International University (SIU):

  • Dr. Mohamed Ali Ismail (Dacwo) – President of Somali International University
  • Mr. Liibaan Ali Hassan – Vice President of Education and Student Affairs at SIU
  • Mr. Suheyb Elmi Dhuxulow – Vice President of Administration and Finance at SIU
  • Mr. Mohamed Hussein Tahliil – Head of the Office of Community Relations at SIU

This agreement is considered crucial for the development of education in the country and signifies a step forward in fostering cooperation and enhancing academic standards.