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  • April 17, 2024
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Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology

The faculty has 3 departments which provide Diploma and Degree program. The faculty also offers other professional and training course. The University is projecting to have a well-equipped- library, and a modernized Computer and Science Lab for the students since it’s the pinnacle of today’s emerging young company’s ideas behind Information, Innovation and Technology.

Courses offered under this faculty are:
I. Department of Computer Science:
The Computer market has disrupted the old-fashioned working style by the increasing reliance on computer systems; the job opportunities for Computer Engineers have been increasing rapidly. The Degree and Diploma-holders at CITYCOT are also regularly recruited by both Public and Private sectors and almost all Non-governmental organizations which are reliant on computers. These have opened multiple opportunities to all companies who require computer engineers for development, maintenance and repair of computer systems.

II. Department of Information Technology
The Course prepares the students for the job market in areas like remittances, mobile banking and mobile-money services and mobile services. Against a background of a war-torn, Somalia’s ICT sector, particularly the mobile communications has already proved that it’s one of the brightest spots in its economy where market competition is at its peak, with equitable distribution and demand-driven efficiency growing exponentially and transforming operating environments for both government and individual citizens.

III. Department of Telecommunications Engineering
Today’s world has been converted into a global village because of telecommunication devices become more and more convenient and easy to use, as they encourage more people and organization to utilize the work-at-home option.
This Course offers a compliment to specific courses, serving as a generic source of knowledge in covering the major areas of telephony, transmission and mobile technology. Telephony courses range from explaining how basic telephone systems work, through to advanced signaling systems such as SS7. Transmission courses focus on SDH and DWDM. Mobile technology courses range from the tried and trusted GSM onto leading edge developments such as UMTS

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